Hurricane Sandy


By no means are we without work and challenge ourselves. Recently, we conducted a volunteer training with our partners at in New York City for those wishing to join our Second Response Trauma Team that has already begun serving residents of communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. So far, we've conducted a Playshop in Gerritsen Beach, New York and plan to return to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Far Rockaway, Coney Island and sites in New Jersey and Connecticut in the coming weeks. While we believe staying in and around New York City would be the most efficient approach, we are available to go wherever our efforts are welcome, including any and all affected areas to "play" directly with those impacted. We still need your support to fund these efforts and ask that you click the Red Donate Button to the left in order to help cover our expenses in these efforts.

Please feel free to contact us directly for additional information about our magical Playshops, volunteering to become a part of Second Response or any other matter of concern. For more than a decade, we have focused on trauma work with children, and it has become increasingly clear in the past few weeks just how vital our work is. Now more than ever before, we truly want to empower individuals in affected communities to recover joy and inner peace. 

Please consider donating to support our efforts.