PLAYshop Training 1/11/2014 in Connecticut

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Help children cope with stressful times...

When first responders leave after the initial Emergency Phase of a disaster, who's there to help children overcome the Post Traumatic Stress that emerges in the weeks that follow? 

Second Response is an initiative of the Fortunate Blessings Foundation. It trains volunteers to address the immediate and long-term emotional and psychological health of children by conducting non-verbal, carefully designed "PLAYshops" that significantly reduce the incidences of PTSD and help to build resilient communities.

Since this is mostly an experiential program, wear comfortable shoes and clothes to be prepared to move.

Program conducted by William and Jonah Spear.

Schedule: 1 to 5 pm with a break for refreshments

Location: The Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
229 East Litchfield Road
Litchfield, Connecticut 06759, USA

Tel +1-860-567-3163, Fax +1-860-567-3166

$35 fee includes refreshments. Non-refundable $15 deposit.

Register with the Wisdom House.

If you are traveling from afar and would like to have room and board at the Wisdom House, please inquire directly with the Wisdom House.

Should you have questions regarding the program, feel free to contact us.