Building Resilient Communities Near and Far




Second Response trainings have brought hope and resilience to over 5,000 front line care providers

“You can rebuild the infrastructure and the school buildings, but unless the inner landscape of the children is attended to, any recovery effort will fail.”
— Educator | Training for a Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

We are building capacity for year-round PLAYshop trainings with schools, hospitals and first responders. 


      Across the globe

At home in the U.S

  • Aided thousands of children affected by the earthquakes in Nepal
  • In partnership with Threshold Globalworks, trained over 300 Nepalese health, education and NGO professionals in PLAYshop methodology and self-regulation strategies
  • Trained dedicated Red Cross staff and volunteers at a refugee encampment in Croatia
  • Trained community members and social-service professionals in London for pre-emptive disaster preparation 


Delivering Joy to Children Affected by Trauma 

Worldwide natural disasters are occurring on average almost once a day.  In 2015, in the U.S., mass shootings happened on average more than once a day.  After experiencing a traumatic event, 1 out of 6 children will display symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ("PTSD"). 

The front line for disaster preparedness resides in every community – and the need for effective methods of trauma relief is increasing dramatically. 

In 2015, Second Response continued to roll out our unique PLAYshops for children impacted by traumatic events.  Led by our highly trained faculty of health care professionals and counselors, PLAYshops encourage spontaneous release of stored energy in the form of noise-making and self-expression that help children of all ages to expel fear, anger and grief from their bodies.

“I have beautiful memories now. New brothers and sisters.  Thank you for coming from so far away.” — Student | Post-earthquakes, Nepal

"Before this, I was not able to sleep so much, but after, I do really feel so much better." — Student | Post-earthquakes, Nepal

“It was difficult seeing the children studying outside in tents with their hearts still scared and vigilant, hoping there will be no more earthquakes.”  After the PLAYshop she added, “I loved seeing them laugh and smile and be themselves.” — A PLAYshop team member | Post-earthquakes, Nepal

Providing relief for frontline caregivers

Across the country first responders and caregivers are often overworked and overwhelmed by their own secondary trauma.  The reach and impact of compassion fatigue is still not fully understood; however, it is apparent how much it can affect those who deal with trauma and crisis on a daily basis.


Our Caring for the Caregiver program supports trauma teams at hospitals and universities and other care providers exposed to recurring stress and trauma.  Participants learn better ways to manage their own secondary trauma and compassion fatigue and better serve those for whom they care.

Second Response also offers PLAYshop trainings for first responders, hospital staff, educators, and caregivers, preparing participants to organize and deliver effective PLAYshops for children of all ages as a component of their disaster response.

“It reminded us that we also have to take care of ourselves in this difficult situation.  We feel rejuvenated and hopeful.” — Red Cross worker | Refugee Camp, Croatia
“It was a healing experience for many of us; an opportunity to shed some of the heavy burden we carry, holding the traumatic experiences of others.” — Clinician | Charlotte Hungerford Hospital | Torrington, Connecticut
“It was the best class we ever took… afterward it seemed like the weight of the world was off our shoulders.” — FEMA Coordinator | Training for a Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Reach and Impact

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The proven therapeutic value of Second Response’s methods of play, externalization and self-expression are just beginning to be recognized by relief agencies, hospitals and caregivers.  

The Caring for the Caregiver programs and PLAYshop trainings are teaching dedicated front line care providers ways to care for themselves, and giving them new, effective methodologies to help their communities after exposure to trauma.

Through these training programs, Second Response is expanding the reach of our groundbreaking PLAYshop methods exponentially into 2016.  

Letter from the Board Chair

Dear Second Response Friends, 

In 2015, thanks to you, Second Response touched the lives of even more children and their families exposed to trauma.  We also began to roll out our training programs for dedicated caregivers in our communities. 

For more than a decade in places all over the world, our teams have responded to disasters as a part of recovery efforts.  In recent years we have seen that more frequent natural disasters, shootings, suicides, bullying, and bomb scares are contributing to a general state of anxiety, especially for vulnerable populations like our children.  We recognized that our methodologies could help build the capacity of our front line caregivers who face the violence and trauma that is so pervasive in our world today.

We have collaborated with FEMA and local caregivers to conduct PLAYshop trainings, including strategies for self-regulation that provide first responders, hospital staff, counselors, educators and parents with highly effective trauma relief tools for the communities they serve.  Our programs help these committed caregivers to manage the secondary trauma they take on themselves.  Programs already underway and those in development in crisis centers, schools, and hospital settings in the Northeastern United States are only the beginning. 

This represents the fulfillment of a shift in focus to domestic programming that began in 2014.  Today, we remain prepared to respond to disaster events wherever they may occur but we are also pre-emptively tending to caregivers, building resilient communities to be better prepared to care for children and their families after traumatic events.

We are grateful to you – our donors, caregiver partners, volunteers and staff – for your incredible support.  Together, we have made a difference in strengthening our communities. Together, we are Second Response.

- Martha Hackett, M.D.

Thank you!


With gratitude, we recognize all of those who honored our organization with gifts in 2015 to help us accomplish our mission to support children and caregivers around the world! 



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