Community PLAYshop trainings are designed for all, especially first responders, humanitarian aid workers, veterans, educators, counselors, caregivers and parents to deepen their understanding of trauma and cultivate strategies for embodied resilience for both themselves and the children they support.

The training offers a review of the phenomenology of trauma that carefully outlines the psychology and emotional reality that exists when trauma occurs.  The workshop then becomes directly participatory, evolving into a spirit of play in order to demonstrate and experience what actually takes place when working with children.  Finally, participants are led through a PLAYshop - a body-centered, non-verbal tool designed to reduce the effects of trauma for all, especially children.

Community PLAYshop trainings are typically 3-4 hours in length, and are offered at hospitals, schools, and community centers around the country and internationally.  Second Response hosts a few throughout the year and through external sponsorship can schedule private PLAYshop trainings for groups.  If you are interested in hosting one, please contact us.


“It was the best class we ever took…afterward it seemed like the weight of the world was off our shoulders.”
— FEMA Representative

“Our regional crisis team gave me great feedback. It was like no other experience we’ve ever had. We were truly fortunate to have you in our group.”
— Professor of Counseling, Western Connecticut State University

I understand more the need for presence and focus on the body in my work with children after this training.”
— PLAYshop participant