PLAYshop methodology provides tool for adults and children to externalize and self-regulate emotions in a safe and supportive way and ultimately, develop embodied resilience and social-emotional intelligence.

The methodology is taught through facilitated group experiences consisting of non-verbal exercises presented as simple fun and games.  Grounded in theater training, biopsychology and somatic research, these specially designed physical exercises improve circulation and respiration, regulate internal body rhythms, revitalize muscle tone and restore flexibility to joints. While children and adults often separate from their emotions and body in response to fear, our methodology brings them back into their body, helps them reconnect to fear response emotions, and thus promotes full expression and release of potentially harmful, deeply-held trauma. This approach facilitates unconditional acceptance of the range of reactions to trauma, rather than insisting they be dismissed, or worse, denied altogether. Ultimately, the experience helps children regain their innate sense of security and joy.