Team Nepal - Day Two

In our last post we mentioned our meeting with Dr. Tshering Lama at Childreach Nepal.  We are proud to be developing training with their staff, volunteers and some local actors.  Invited to talk more about PLAYshops in Nepal, we will be guests on the local radio show on Monday.

Today, we were invited to NOBS, National Orchid Boarding School in Kathmandu, a facility that housed the families of the earthquake for over a month.  Most of the students experienced some form of loss, a family member, and a home…  After a quick consult with the school’s principal, we decided to split them into 3 age groups:  4-7, 8-12, 13-16 years.  In their courtyard we arranged them in a circle and did what we do!  PLAYshops galore.  It was particularly interesting in this arrangement to have the older kids look on from their classrooms as each group participated before them.  

Some highlights for the day:  from Jonah – “turning a kid with thumbs down, booing to smiles, laughs and high fives; drawing Deneen and Jennifer into the circle to run parts of the PLAYshop (they kicked ass); being mauled like a rock star for autographs.”  From Anju -  “being out in the sun with my body not knowing it is tired as I see the children’s smiles, as I hear them shout, knowing that all the negative energy is going away and also knowing they have space in their heart for some laughter.  As we got in our car, I turned around and I saw the principal holding a bunch of kids on each side.  I could see his eyes full of tears.  He waved us goodbye.” From Jennifer – “I loved the support of the principal as he participated with the children, vocally and physically.  I loved the welcoming of the children.  Being asked to sign multiple hands and tiny pieces of paper.”  From Deneen - unexpectedly entering the circle for some PLAYshop improv, celebrating in the principle’s office with a round of Mountain Dews and absorbing the gratitude from an abundant afternoon of fully expressed children.”

Looking forward to getting out of the city tomorrow.