Thank you for the incredible support during the 2016 give local campaign


Thank you all for your incredible support during the 2016 Give Local Campaign!  We raised a total of $23,409 excluding the additional matching funds the Connecticut Community Foundation will allocate soon! 

The generous gifts we received will help us continue to defeat trauma through productive play for thousands of children and improve disaster preparedness in our communities through pre-emptive PLAYshop training.  Take a peek at our most recent PLAYshop for community caregivers at Grace Farms, New Canaan in this recent blog.  Your funds will help us bring our Caring for the Caregiver program to the Center for Youth and Families at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington, Connecticut and others throughout the coming month. 

As you know, the combination of climate change and man-made disasters is resulting in more frequent and severe traumatic events affecting our communities.  Second Response is at the forefront of post-trauma disaster work and pre-emptive education for first responders, hospital staff, teachers, parents and caregivers in our body-centered PLAYshop methods, helping them to externalize their own stress and trauma and enhancing their ability to help others.  It is through the generosity of donors that we can achieve our mission.